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School Opening Hours: Saturday Only

Literature classes from 10.30am to 1.15pm

After class activities: From 1.45pm to 3.15pm






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Scotland nihao (English version)
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2014-2015 New Term starting date: 06/09/2014

1.) Enrolment date for 2014/2015: 10th May, 17th May, 31st May & 7th June, from10:30 to 13:00 at the 5th floor canteen. All students enrol on or before 7th June will be entitled to a discounted fee £120 (the fee does not include adult class text book). Please note that the next enrolment date is on 30th Aug 2014 and student will have to pay a full fee of £140.


2.) 24th May: public holiday, Chinese school will be closed.


3.) 10th – 31st May: all classes will start the Final Term Examination, please help your children to revise their Chinese lesson.


4.) 8th June is Chinese School Graduation Day, from 10:30-13:00 at Woodside Hall, 36 Glenfarg Street, Glasgow, G20 7QE.



Notice : Mandarin Class for Cantonese Speaker
A NEW Mandarin Class for Cantonese Speaker will begin in the new term in September 2014. The main purpose is to provide Mandarin language lesson in a Cantonese setting to enable efficient learning of the 'Ping -Yi' structure. We encourage anyone with Cantonese background to join the class.


The course will emphasize on Mandarin speaking and listening, and focuses on the practicality and proficiency of the language to enable the learner to become a confident Mandarin speaker. This course is especially suited for secondary students and parents from a Cantonese background. Registration of this new Mandarin Class for Cantonese Speaker will start in May and the new class will begin in September. For more information, please enquire at the school office: Café Room, 5th Floor, Glasgow Chinese School Kelvin College.





To all parents


* School hours: Every Saturday from 10:30am to 1:15pm (except bank holiday), class 1 and 2 release at 13:10pm Parents should bring and collect their children on time. If parents are late for their children, please go to the office at G/24.

* Due to the increasing number of students, there is no need to queue to enter the School in the morning. To collect their children after School, parents are advised to wait outside the School building or in the lobby, but not outside the classrooms.  

* To avoid traffic congestion between 10:20am-10:45am and 13:05pm to 13:25pm., please follow warden’s instructions. All cars should leave the car park before 2.00 pm and the car park will be locked up.

* All parents should have their mobile phone put on in case for any emergency contact.

* There is a 15 minutes break of the class. Students can bring their own lunch pack and they are not allowed to leave the building during the break.

* All students should not use the lift.

* Glasgow Chinese School is a self maintained, non religious, non profit making organisation. Our aim is to promote Chinese language and cultures. The safety of the children in the School is our most concern. We will pay particular attention to young students and those who have health problem reported by their parents. Would there be any accident or incidents arise, the School will not be held responsible for any kind of claims and compensations.

* All students should obey their teachers and observe the rules and regulations.

* Our School is a well established Chinese teaching school. We have visitors from the media and universities for researching from time to time. The School reserve the right to allow certain contacts with the children in relation to language learning and taking photo without prior consent of the parents. If parents do not want their children to be involved, please notify the School.

* Should you need further details about the school, please contact the headteacher Sam Chau in room G/24

* The School has provisions of cultural classes Chinese Dance, Table-tennis, Art & crafts. Please make enquiry to the office.


Administration Office: Room G24